Lifes Circumstances. I thought my life would be differant.


I know life isn’t a race but the last year or so I have been struggling with the knowledge that I graduated in 2006 (I will be 25 next month) and I haven’t done anything since I left school. Last year I quit my full time maccas job to move to Queensland (Not sure how much longer I could have stayed there anyway due to another trouble maker that was employed), in the hope of finding full time work here and have a change from the small town I lived in. I am currently working a casual position at Maccas but an average of 9 hours a week doesn’t really make it worth my while. My current lease ends at the start of April and unless a full time job or a job I really want comes up, I will probably head back to Victoria.

This is my 7th year out of school and I haven’t got anything to show for it. No job I really enjoy, no great savings account, no overseas holidays or any great life experiences. Although I don’t blame others for this, other people to an extent do play a part in how our lives has turn out. Like everyone I guess, I am a victim of ideas, circumstance and the economy. None the less we always learn from past experience.

I want to be able to buy a house and travel over seas, and not struggle for money when I am older. (Luckily I am of that generation that has had a superannuation account since my first job). Will any of this be possible in todays economy? Who knows. It’s not surprising many of gen Y still live at home with their parents.

Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself lucky that I have a roof over my head, food in the cupboard, access to doctors and family that have done SO much for me. Just, as a kid I always thought my life would be more than living week to week. Sometimes even struggling to do that. Although I’m not depressed, I hope that some point in the very near future I find something to make life more enjoyable and worthwhile. But a HUGE thankyou to my family and friends who continue to support me and make me laugh. If nothing else, at least I have them. ❤

Is anyone else floating through life in the same boat?


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