Two of the things I am enthusiastic about. Nature & Culture.


Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to write. Obviously without practice I  wont be good enough to publish but I never knew where to start, what to write about and besides a personal journal I thought writing a pointless venture if I didn’t have an audience. It’s a vicious cycle. As such this blog will most likely also serve as an outlet for this particular childhood dream. So this post is something that has always been and always will be, close to my heart. Nature and other cultures.

Ever since childhood, both my brother and myself have always had a fondness for animals. Whether they were living or extinct. Land, ocean or sky dwelling. Great or small. You name it, we were interested. As we got older, this fondness for animals grew into a love for all things nature!

Neither of us is a people person. The following I write from my heart, and although I know my brother does agree with much of my opinion, it is written to portray my thoughts, not a collective of us both.

Humans (as a collective race) have slowly progressed, bred and traveled / relocated to reach to the furthest and most remote regions of this lovely planet. Supposedly ‘civilised’ man have ever expanded on their metaphorical horizons, creating new technology to make our lives ‘easier’ and expanding the areas we inhabit to accommodate our growing population. In doing so, we ignorantly (past generations) and arrogantly slowly had a negative impact on this planet that we call home. This is part of the reason I’m not a people person. Is it not possible for progress to go too far and reach a tipping point?

Having said that, as well as having a love for anything nature, I also have a fascination for different cultures all around the world.From ancient civilisations to the remote peoples of small villages in the far reaches of a country and little for modern society. We can learn so much from the past, from understanding how others live and from sharing experiences. Apart from been a naturally curious and empathetic person, part of the reason I am fascinated with the past is because I think some values meant a lot more back then (and in places like remote villages today). People had to work hard or they didn’t eat. In some close knit communities family and neighbors relied upon each other, so no one was taken for granted . People placed less value on money and possessions. Honesty, integrity and ethics meant more.

Another larger part of the reason I am interested in the culture (although I am an atheist, I include religion in my interests) of others is because I believe understanding leads to compassion and a better perspective on life and others. This in turn leading to an open mind, inclusion of others and the understanding that we are all same. Skin colour, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and more at the end of the day don’t mean anything. We all have to live on this beautiful planet that we call home. Writing this brings to mind Guy Sebastian’s song, Get Along.

So lets all do our little bit to preserve it for generations to come!

I apologise if this sounds like a lecture. I don’t intend it to. I am only trying to share a little about myself and at the same time use writing as an honest way to express myself. (Don’t forget I am new to blogging) However if this inspires even just one reader to do their bit for the environment or just to tell a loved one just how much they mean to you, then I will be completely over the moon.

No matter how many times I listen to this song it still “tugs at the heart strings” as they say.


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