Life & Happiness


Life… what we wake up to and face every day. But I am sure everyone sees happiness in life as something different. For some it’s their job, others it’s their other half / partner. Some happiness comes with material things like cars and newest gadget on the market. For many it’s seeing the smiles on their kids faces and watching them achieve their goals.

I think too many people (this includes myself at times) these days view happiness as a destination. I’ll be happy when I get that promotion, when I have the newest gaming console, when I find the next person to date. But why can’t we be happy with what we have? Make the most of it. No matter what your situation or circumstance, there is always someone worse off than yourself. In different news reports. I often find that the people who have less are happier than the people who have everything they could possibly need and want.

Can we not just chose to be happy? (And I know for some, for whatever reasons it isn’t a simple matter of choice) Be thankful for the roof over your head, the food in your tummy, the people who love you and hopefully your good health. If we have everything, there are no goals to set, nothing to work towards or sense of achievement. And to me, that’s half the fun.

Why can’t we be happy with the smaller simpler things in life? Finding joy between the pages of a great book, trying to take that one of shot, painting or working in the garden or kitchen.

What do others think?


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